Designed especially for newborns
with unique support for dicreet
nursing. Simply slip on the two
loops and close the belt around
Bond with your Baby
Direct contact with your baby for
constant bonding - your baby can
hear your hearthbeat and there is
no bulky padding between your
baby and the warmth of your body.
The Baby Nest™ Carrier uses wide fabric straps that wrap over your entire back and shoulders, to carry the weight of your baby in a way that is amazingly comfortable.
The Baby Nest™ Carrier includes a belt with a pocket to carry essentials and a matching bag for easy storage.
Safe and secure
Your baby is wrapped close and tight, insuring a secure hold.
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Newborns & Preemies - The Baby Nest™ Carrier is the only carrier that gives full support for premature and newborn babies and can be used from the time of your baby's birth, until he/she is a 35 pound toddler.

Soothes fussy babies - Experts stress the importance of holding your baby often and close. It is amazing how quickly a baby will settle down once cuddled in the Baby Nest™ Carrier. As a result, your baby will:
  • • Cry less.
    • Be more content.
    • Spend more time in a state of quiet alertness, the optimal state for learning.
    • Have increased visual alertness - babies love being able to see people's faces.
Versatile - The Baby Nest™ Carrier is incredibly versatile. With several positions, you can nurse, wear it to cuddle your baby to sleep, work in the home/office, go out for a walk, to the supermarket, out to dinner, social gatherings, or even out of town. As your baby gets older and grows, you can change the carrying position to match your baby's development.
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